Adam Serrano (DECEASED)



Mr Serrano is a failure in the eyes of his Sabbat sire.
Opting out of thier careless views of mortals, he has joined the Camarilla.
While the transition tp Camarilla Bruhah was rather easy, other clans whisper about him being a Sabbat spy.

Adam met with Scott and Mat at a local bar to go over a negotiation. Based on Mats actions of “almost” killing a Bruhah… Natas is demanding as retribution that Mat vote “yes” on a referendum to make the Bruhah and Gangrel “strike” from the Camarilla.
“with a united front, the Bruhah and Gangrel can demand to get treated better since they are the front line warriors of the Camarilla.”
“there will be a vote at the Elysium in two weeks on how to handle the Hunters. To hunt them down or ignore them and outlive them.”

Adam was ex-Sabbat. His sire showed up to show his displeasure about Adam leaving the Sabbat. He was generously displeasing and didn’t like what Mat had to say. So Isaac Doom shot Mat in the face. in the pandemonium Adam died. Mat took out 2 more “Black Hand” members that happed to be outside with sub machine guns. Several humans dies and a breach of the Masquerade might have taken place. (Isaac Doom used fangs to end Adam.)

A human ghoul in a Cadillac pulled up and grabbed the boys and sped off. It was Mat’s human ghoul. He helped them escape with Isaac Doom in Torpor.

Mat and Scott fled to Mat’s 2 million dollars Beverly Hill’s home to decide what to do.

Adam Serrano (DECEASED)

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