.BRUHAH (Clan Info)


In general, the Bruhah are wanting a massive revenue stream location that also can provide blood dolls. The current climate for clan Bruhah is table scraps and petty crimes, drug dealing, and theft.
They want a club that has a VIP section that they can access their personal stock of dolls. (Just like the Toreador have.)

They are tired of being the “front” line warriors and with the recent attacks they know they will be front line soldiers to the Prince defending the city against the inevitable push back from the Sabbat. (there is talk amongst the Bruhah that they will stand down if the city is attacked again unless their demands are met.)

The prince thinks we all should be willing to do our part which is to say, they should just want to do it. He also has concerns of the “excessive partying” that will happen if they have access to what they want, which could be bad for all of the Camarilla.

They want to move in on some of the local gangs and take drug revenue. The Prince is hesitant to do this as it may bring undue attention to have ghouls in the drug trade. It may attract to much attention.

The vampires have policed contacts but not in the D.E.A. 
The prince is entertaining the idea of placing informants into the D.E.A. so this could happen, but its seems like a “drag out and shine them on” response from the Prince that will actually never happen.
Whether it is true or not, the Bruhah are far to impatient to wait for it to happen.

Dirk is negotiating this within the Primogen. 
But has given up Los Angeles Airport territory and feeding grounds (to keep some Catiff alive) 
He is losing human ghouls that move product secretly for him. (Inconsistent revenue stream.)
The Bruhah will be pissed at this and dont understand why? They will see it as losing territory and not gaining any. The confidence that the clan have for Dirk is diminishing. dirk currently rules through fear. A gaze from him is enough to send a chill down anyones spine.

The Bruhah have been promised a personal club and a “few dolls.” after the Justicar leaves.
(ALL Ghouls and Blood Dolls will need to be put down before she arrives.)

The Bruhah have cheap pitiful havens. But with Dirk’s “we used to be philosopher kings” talk, he has been convincing some of the clan to demand more. He wants the Clan to step above the stereotype. 
So far the sway has been meager. They want to solve it by punching everything in the face.

Two of the Bruhah have started to get into the drug business by Ghouling a local “small time drug kingpin” The two Bruhah involved in this are Darrien Skinner and Deangelo Simmons.

The Bruhah who lost their lives in the Sabbat attack were:

Carolyn Kovac
Christopher Sori : Childer of Hope
Dave Stienour : Childer of Darrien
Jason Tornow : The word on the street is he was a Childer of a old Bruhah, but no one is saying who.

.BRUHAH (Clan Info)

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