.GANGREL (Clan Info)


The Gangrel want an infusion of cash to build defense’s for their woodland homes. The members without Protean 3, having little choice but to be at risk to potential hunters. 
 The area has seen a increase of human activity. So far “identifying” the humans hasn’t taken place. Are they random hikers or potentially hunters?

So far the Gangrel have kept their distance. The Gangrel would rather avoid attention and solidify a defense rather than draw attention. 

Its rumored some Werewolves have made a truce with the Gangrel. A clan of wolves will keep the Gangrel safe from the other Wolf tribes (if possible) but for doing so they need to sell out 2 vamps for every one vamp in clan Gangrel. 14 more Vamps that need to be sacrificed., which is quit a large numbers that need to be dropped.

The Gangrel Primogen is loyal to the Prince. She doesn’t cause much problems and as long as she gets the meager things she asks for, she gives him her support. 

To get a hold of a Gangrel, the process if going to the “End of the Line Tavern” in Lancaster and just waiting for a representative of the clan.
Its been known for Vamps seeking the Gangrel to sit in an abandoned run down bar for weeks on end before anyone shows.
Bring a steady supply of blood.

.GANGREL (Clan Info)

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