Ruby Cross



Picked because of her fiery hair and natural beaty, this “artist” spends a lot of her time making clay statues.

It would be nice to have a studio at some point so she could share her beauty with the world.
Ruby is friends with the other sculptors. They have a “secret” sculpting area ran by ruby and often they get together to show off their latest creation or just collaborate together. It has mixed results sometimes. She takes mortals that she finds pleasing to the eye into her studio and makes statues of them. These are life size sculpts that she keeps (the finished ones) inside a locked storage area in the Natural History Museum. She has dozens and dozens of these completed works down there. She seems to be “always” be working on one. She brushes you off and gives you the cold shoulder. The info you gather about her are from other Toreador.

Ruby Cross

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