Sasha Alexia



Sasha is a 23 year old woman originally from Seattle. She moved to Los Angeles and made her living as a local musician. For her, she was living the dream, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, until she died.

Bassist and Back up Vocals – Sasha
Black hair, naturally dark, but colors it to make it as black as possible.
Style: Punk Goth. Lots of facial piercings, and tattoos, black make up. Tattered and worn clothing, chains and leather.
Personality: Social, Partier, likes drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Lots of superficial relationships, rarely let’s people get too close. Jessie is the only one she let get super close. She loves music and loves the band, though she and Bryan don’t always see eye to eye.
Still loves Jessie, though things didn’t work out, she will always be her 1st love.

Sasha Alexia

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