.TOREADOR (Clan Info)


The Toreador have access to a Club/bar that is a blood doll location for the clan.

(Club Edison.) There are a 18 dolls that they cycle through and can be fed on every other day. There is a secret entrance from inside that is a V.I.P section, just for Clan Toreador.  
The staff can also provide blood if all the dolls have been fed on.
These dolls are for Toreador only. If a Toreador brings a guest from another clan, they have to utilize the “normal” route. and of course the “guests” can lose admittance rights at the behest of Cynthia or Violet.

The Toreador Violet owns the Club.
The Primogen Tremere actually “owns” two major art Elysiums. Her human bloodline heirs own the buildings and by extension, she claims to own everything within them. (She doesn’t.)
Her human heirs are her Ghouls. Most of the Elysiums are fine art installations because of a tight alliance between Cynthia and Rainer when the Camarilla reestablished control of the city.
She used her mastery of Presence to influence the secret “closed” meetings 30 years ago to help make the transition of setting up Rainer as the new Prince and guarantee herself a place for herself on the Primogen. 

Since then, the alliance between Rainer and herself has started to slightly ice over and she can tell that her usefulness (Cynthia’s) is less important than it used to be.

The Toreador now view the Nosferatu as the Prince’s number one ally, beyond the Ventrue. (and it concerns clan Toreador.)

Cynthia has many “boy toys” hidden from the Prince and the rest of the Primogen. She finds many men attractive and she Ghouls them keeping them alive for potentially a hundred years before she gets bored of them and disembowels them.

.TOREADOR (Clan Info)

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