.TREMERE (Clan Info)


From the Prince’s viewpoint, the Tremere are middle ground ally.
They still support the prince openly, As long as they get access to lore. (To be acquired by themselves or the Nosferatu)
They want Lore and the chance to “study” other supernaturals for their witchcraft rituals and they seem content.

The rumor is that the Tremere are working to overthrow the Prince and take over by compromising his position. They are apparently doing this by filling key positions to create opportunity for a coup.

The positions of importance filled at this point are the Sheriff and the Keeper of Elysiums.
Rumor has it the next position the are attempting to gain is the Prince’s personal bodyguard and the Herald.

The Prince has been told of this potential insurrection and doesn’t seem to take the threat seriously at the annoyance of the other Primogen..
The Nosferatu gained an unearthed a portion of the Book of Nod. 
The Tremere was supposed to be able to examine the Book of Nod to battle against Gehenna. 
During the recent attacks on the city, it was lost. A Nosferatu Haven was sabotaged and things taken (and 2 deaths), including the Book of Nod.

The Tremere all live in the same location known as the Chantry.
Depending on the number of Tremere in the city, this could be a 4 bedroom house or in the case for Los Angeles, its a sprawling mansion estate.
Having your enemies know where you sleep and setting a fire to the building is detrimental. Especially if you could remove a whole clan at once.
For that reason the Tremere (known as Warlocks) use thier powerful magics and rituals to protect the house from attack.
Among them just generally known are protection from fire and its location.
The Location is the first preventitive secret the Tremere keep for where they sleep. But when they conduct meetings sometimes other Kindred are invited to the location.
Non Tremere are NOT allowed inside the home for any reason…EVER!
Meeting are held in a courtyard or a gazebo on the premises.
Among the powerful magic protecting the house is that people forget its the Chantry when they leave.
You remember the meeting, what it was about and with whom, but as far as the location of the house? That seems to slip peoples mind.
Except 18 years ago Mat was with his sire and held a meeting with a Tremere. (Adam Lord)
For some reason Mat was able to remember the location of the house.
(There is a check to forget everytime you leave.)

.TREMERE (Clan Info)

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