Violet Callahan



Violet wears her punk rebel attitude on her sleeve. To her blue hair to piercings and tats. Shes a club scene girl and one of the two local Harpies.

Harpies tend to know a little bit about everyone. Dictating fashion and influencing the reputation of vampires.

She owns the Edison. A theme bar in downtown Los Angeles. It serves as a personal feeding ground of clan Toreador.
Violet orginally was too cool for school, and her “dont give a shit rebel attitude” made her seem mysterious.
A by product of this attention that she didnt want as first made her into a harpy.
This posistion isnt appointed by the Prince, it just happens.
Youre just the cool kid at school everyone wants to know and be around.
Over time she has learned to like the attention. Now she releshes having the influence of favor.
Harpies keep track of boons owed by vampires. They also are the “impartial” juror as to whether the boon is fair and been paid off.
The other Harpy is Evangeline, a Ventrue seen at Club XS almost nightly.
There is a “cool” crowd that gets away with bending some rules because no one wants to deal with the ire of the harpies.
The cool kids that can build your reputation at this point are:
Bree Blacke: Malkavian
Aoki Mayumi: Ventrue
Opal Vonderheode: Toreador
Evangeline De Ville:Harpy Ventrue
Violet Callahan: Harpy Toreador

The group that can ruin your reputation. The dorks are:
Armondo Vincent: Tremere
Darrien Skinner: Bruhah
Deangelo Simmons: Bruhah
Vytaus Novikas: Nosferatu

Also all Catiff with the exeption of Celeste.
And to an extent all Nosferatu except Felix Devonshire. (They are ugly and icky!)

Everyone else falls in the middle somewhere. Its said that the Harpies have everyone ranked from one to ten but for everyone not a harpy, this is the current standings on the “cool

Violet originally wanted to save Sasha to bring her into the fold of the cool kids since she was a in a “cool” band. Sasha reminded her of herself. (Care free, too cool for school.)
But with the association with Andrew and maybe a Sabbat connection, its made a “hot” reception turn into a luke warm one. No one wants to be the one to invite a Sabbat into the cool ring. That would probably get you kicked out of the “cool” kids circle.
Plus the thing that made her “cool” (the band) may be breaking up.
There is a little snickering behind Violet’s back. “Her plan really blew up in her face! Embarrassing.”
Violet has built up enough “street cred” as a Harpy that this will not tarnish her permanently, its just embarrassing for a couple weeks…unless Sasha turns out to be a Sabbat spy, then the queen might fall.

Violet Callahan

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