Welcome to The World of Darkness.

Vampire the Masquerade is a story telling game of political and personal horror.

Shrouded by eternal darkness, the players will learn to understand that their connection to humanity has faded…just like the morning sunrise.

The players woke to find themselves over humans who had their throats eviserated. With gunfire shooting all around a little food court square. 

The Sabbat were attacking Camarilla on the open streets of L.A. and Tobin valentine put and end to it. 

Valentine invoked Majesty and put the fighting to a close. With his personal assistants and other armed men, he rounded up the would be attackers to send them to their final night.

Vertigris spoke up and seeked refuge within the Camarilla and the other players called for the same. Valentine grabbed the players and went to "a local Museum", and odered the rest of the Sabbat to be tied to buoys in the water. 

Tight up in a room and seeing the Prince on a monitor, you requested membership. The screen went blank for 15 minutes and when he came back, he accepted your initiation. There were conditions though. That you were be instructed in the Camarilla ways by a Nosferatu named Vytaus.

Vytaus quickly brought you up to speed on your place in your immortal life, explaining that your human life must be put to rest.

He handed out letters to the players as he was instructed. 


Vampire the Masquerade

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