Vytaus told the players of the history of the city.

“In modern nights, the Anarchs that have been sidelined to the fringes of kindred society have gathered together under the banner of the “Anarch Movement”. This organized movement made their single largest coup against the tyranny of the elders and the sects during the Second Anarch Revolt. During this revolution, the Anarchs liberated Los Angeles in 1944.
However, the Kuei-jin (Chinese Vampires) staged a concentrated incursion into the region in the late 1990s with the assistance of a few highly-placed ex-Anarchs who sought to preserve the region’s independence from both Camarilla and Sabbat.

The Kuei-jin managed to oust Jeremy MacNeill, the Baron of Los Angeles, only to lose the city to a Camarilla counter-offensive. Now the region holds a fragile d├ętente between four factions: the Anarchs, the Kuei-jin in the New Promise Mandarinate centered around San Francisco, the Camarilla with footholds in Los Angeles and San Diego, and the Sabbat to the southern locations of Los Angeles."

According to Braam Stijn (Stine) (Mat’s Sire) In the early 2000’s, Human Mages crept into the city. According to Braam, he recieved intelligence from crediable sources that a group of Mages operate Arcane Inc.
Arcane Inc. is a Paranormal debunking operation. Faily mundane stuff. Investigating supposed haunted houses and providing natural explanations. The name is supposed to be ironic to the general public.
Braam told Andrew (Mat) to avoid that section of town located in Santa Monica.
(Intel provided by Tremere.)

The Los Angeles National Forest San Gabriel Mountains are Garou Territory. Its been told if you suck blood and don’t breath air, do not get close to this area. They defend it vigorously and every few months, coming down to the city on a pack hunt for blood suckers.


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